Welcome to Foot-Note

FOOT-NOTE provides many advantages and services to ease some of the hassles you will encounter as the academic year gets underway. We are familiar with your course materials, course scheduling and dates, and faculty requirements. We know which books will be required or recommended reading.

To save you time, we encourage you to buy your textbooks on line. All you need to do is open an account, follow the instructions, and place your order. Pay through one of several means and your books will be waiting for you in the store.

You will find a full line of stylish insignia apparel as well as a broad selection of gifts and objects—from ties to polo shirts, from baby clothes to computer bags—all with the school logo.


  • At FOOT-NOTE you will also find the latest titles in all business disciplines. For special requests (or out of stock titles) we will be happy to order the books.
  • Should you need to custom order special tee-shirts or other apparel for special events, please contact us for advice and quotes. We do this very regularly and have a range of options to propose.

For your convenience, we offer a full range of quality paper goods, greeting cards, small drugstore items.

Books and other items purchased at FOOT-NOTE can be returned within 10 days. Store credit will be given only if the items are in perfect condition.